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Work until you sweat. Sweat until you shake. Shake until you strengthen. Strengthen until you transform. We are Downtown LA’s exclusive Lagree studio and that’s been our commitment to you since 2008. In an upbeat, positive atmosphere that inspires your highest vibration, to know Lagree213 is to love it because it works. Every time you enter the studio you’ll get a high-energy, low-impact 45-minute workout that is efficient and effective every time. Come see what our world-class method and renowned trainers can do for your body and mind.

A Complete Workout that Transforms Your Body
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The Method

In every Lagree213 class, you’ll experience a challenging workout that combines core, endurance, cardio, balance, strength and flexibility training for unparalleled results. The movements are slow and controlled to activate slow-twitch, fat-burning muscle fibers, and quick transitions between exercises make the method highly effective. Our incredible Megaformers will sculpt and tone every muscle in your body, and because our classes are different every time, you’ll always be challenged.

The Workout Everyone Loves
How It works

Our Outdoor Studio

A temporary open, airy, outside studio in the Historic Core. With complimentary self-parking and tons of classes daily, it’s easy to squeeze in a workout anytime. Join our Megafresh outdoor classes at Lagree213 today.

The Megafresh Outdoor Studio will close on May 30th

Our regular indoor classes in our brand-new studio will resume on May 31, 2021.

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“Their socially distanced roof setup is sooooo good! I'm so happy to be back working out! They really went out of their way to make sure we all felt safe and I'm so grateful!” — Andrea

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New To Lagree213

There’s a reason everyone’s talking about Lagree. Come experience the power of the Megaformer method and the benefits of a complete workout.


Lagree Outside

Mega fresh, mega clean and mega outdoors, we’ve taken the most cautious preventative measures to give you your favorite workout, safely at our temporary MegaFresh studio, currently open until May 30, 2021.

About Our
MegaFresh Studio

Driving Directions
  • Enter the parking garage at 835 S. Hill St. (if the gate is down, it will open upon approach)
  • Drive up to Level 3 and park in the assigned spaces for Lagree213
  • Enter the stairwell next to the elevator and go up one flight to the 4th floor
  • The door will be open and you'll see the studio!
Walking Directions
  • Walk into the parking garage at 835 S. Hill St., (if the gate is down, walk around the block to enter off Olive) and proceed to the elevator
  • Take the elevator to the 3rd floor and exit
  • Enter the stairwell next to the elevator and go up one flight to the 4th floor
  • The door will be open and you'll see the studio!
  • Self-parking is complimentary for 75 minutes with our validation
  • Please bring your parking ticket with you to the outdoor studio to be validated

Due to health and safety precautions, complimentary valet parking, one of our amenities offered daily, will resume after the pandemic. Currently we offer validated self-parking.

Arrive Early

We suggest arriving 10 minutes early to class. Walk-ins and late arrivals are not accepted due to county restrictions so please allow enough time to locate the studio, park and follow our pre-class COVID-19 guidelines.

MegaFresh Studio Rules & Precautions

  • Sign the digital waiver before arriving to class 
  • Maintain 6-feet social distancing at all times 
  • Masks are required at all times
  • Please use hand sanitizer when entering and exiting the studio 
  • Grip socks are required during class and on the Megaformers. If you forget your socks, we have options for sale
  • We are a cashless studio. Please ensure the card on your account is current
  • Please bring your own water and towel to class as these are not available at the outdoor studio during this time
Upon Arrival
  • Have your temperature taken by your instructor, check in and proceed to the open Megaformer furthest from the entrance
  • Place your personal belongings in the well of your Megaformer or in front of the machine. We recommend limiting the amount of items you bring to class
After Class
  • Please wipe down your Megaformer with the wipes provided before you leave
  • Have your parking ticket validated before exiting the studio 
  • Walk down one flight of stairs to the 3rd floor parking level and exit the same way you came in on S. Hill Street

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