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Work until you sweat. Sweat until you shake. Shake until you strengthen. Strengthen until you transform. We are Downtown LA’s exclusive Lagree studio and that’s been our commitment to you since 2008. In an upbeat, positive atmosphere that inspires your highest vibration, to know Lagree213 is to love it because it works. Every time you enter the studio you’ll get a high-energy, low-impact 45-minute workout that is efficient and effective every time. Come see what our world-class method and renowned trainers can do for your body and mind.

A Complete Workout that Transforms Your Body
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The Method

In every Lagree213 class, you’ll experience a challenging workout that combines core, endurance, cardio, balance, strength and flexibility training for unparalleled results. The movements are slow and controlled to activate slow-twitch, fat-burning muscle fibers, and quick transitions between exercises make the method highly effective. Our incredible Megaformers will sculpt and tone every muscle in your body, and because our classes are different every time, you’ll always be challenged.

The Workout Everyone Loves
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Our Studio

Our indoor studios are open in the Historic Core and Arts District. With complimentary self-parking and tons of classes daily, it’s easy to squeeze in a workout anytime. Join us for a class at Lagree213 today.

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“Cleanliness, difficulty of class/skills, many class times available, friendly, welcoming, and comfortable instructors... 20/10 stars! 🌟⭐️💫” — EMILY

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“My new favorite place to work out! I've been doing the Lagree method for years and have been to many studios around LA (including this one several years ago) and now that the studio has opened under new owners, it has changed completely! The instructors are now really challenging, the location is accessible and walkable, the studio is clean and bright, and the music is upbeat. I've been shaking during every class (that's the goal!) and am consistently sore. This workout changed my body, helped me stay active during my pregnancy and really helped me get back into shape after. It's life changing!”


“Loooooove the new place!!! It seems more personal and I definitely see the effort. Socks are required now and that just means new cute socks for your wardrobe. The workout is always challenging and the instructors are very helpful with form. My first class here was actually with the owner, Lisa, and she was very welcoming and receptive to feedback. I'm glad for the new location and can't wait to come back.”


“Honestly one of the best studios, not just in DTLA but in Los Angeles if you're into the Lagree method. The new owners are great people, incredibly kind and understanding, and Lisa, half of the duo, is a PHENOMENAL instructor. She will push you to your limits (in the best way) and then encourage you to go well past them, and you will shake and sweat all the way through it. If you're looking for a great workout, one that will change your body (and soul and mindset), and also want to support great people who care about their clients above all else, COME HERE AND TRY IT. All the trainers are wonderful, truly, but Lisa's classes are next-level for me. I guess it comes with having all those years of experience in training and working with people.”


“This place is amazing! My first class had me shaking in that "good hurt" kind of way. The teachers are great; specifically Lisa, Jenny and Rachel. The atmosphere is nice and the vibe is very friendly. Just an overall nice experience for a great workout that will have you sweating within minutes and sore the next day. Lisa, the badass instructor, is also one of the owners, and her partner Ben is lovely as well. He takes great care of the studio and facilities, and is also very friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend checking out this studio.”


“The instructors are amazing and will leave you shaking. Best workout I’ve had in years. I highly recommend it, so bring your sticky socks and give this studio a shot! It's worth it.”


"Great parking, great offers for new members, instructors are energetic and very knowledgeable, clean studio. Mindbody app isn't always super efficient, but gets the job done."


The class is always a really good challenge and each instructor I've experienced does their best to personalize instruction in a group setting. I love that parking is covered and I really love the studio. It's bright, fresh, and always clean.


It's a great workout. I've been consistently attending multiple times a week for the past 4 months after not exercising at all for a very long period of time. Am noticing a big difference in my strength, and am getting toned. I will definitely keep it up. I really like the variety of instructors, they are all great!

Sylvia C

New To Lagree213

There’s a reason everyone’s talking about Lagree. Come experience the power of the Megaformer method and the benefits of a complete workout.


Lagree213 IS OPEN

We take the most cautious preventative measures to give you your favorite workout, safely. Enhanced HVAC filtering system and daily deep cleans are just a couple ways we're going the extra mile.

About Our Studios

Driving Directions - HISTORIC CORE
  • Enter the parking garage at 835 S. Hill St. (if the gate is down, it will open upon approach)
  • Park in any space marked RETAIL & bring your parking ticket with you
  • Exit to the ground floor towards Hill St. The studio is located on Hill St, next to the parking entrance
Driving Directions - ARTS DISTRICT
  • Enter the parking lot at 300 S Santa Fe Ave. & Text "OSF300" TO 25023 to launch the text-to-park system.
  • The studio is located in Suite B, next to Cafe Gratitude.
  • HISTORIC CORE STUDIO: Self-parking is complimentary for 75 minutes with our validation. Please bring your parking ticket with you to the studio to receive validation.
  • ARTS DISTRICT STUDIO: 90 minutes validated free parking is available in the retail courtyard lot. The parking lot operates a text-to-park validation system. Text "OSF300" TO 25023 and follow the prompts. Before departing, get a validation code from our concierge to input for your 90 minutes of free parking.
Arrive Early

We suggest arriving 10 minutes early to class. Walk-ins and late arrivals are not allowed, so please allow enough time to locate the studio and park before class starts.

studio Rules

  • Sign the digital waiver before arriving to class 
  • Be On Time: late arrivals are not permitted.
  • Grip socks are required in all classes. If you forget your socks, we have options for sale
  • We are a cashless studio. Please ensure the card on your account is current
  • Please bring your own water bottle to class. Our studios feature a chilled, filtered water dispenser
Upon Arrival
  • Place your personal belongings in the cubbies, in the well of your Megaformer, or in front of the machine.
After Class
  • Please wipe down your Megaformer with the wipes provided before you leave
  • Get a parking validation (@ Historic Core, stamp your ticket in the machine in-studio / @ Arts District, get a code from our concierge to enter into the text-to-park webpage) before exiting the studio

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