The power of the Lagree213 workout

Founded by Sebastian Lagree, the Lagree method creates long, lean muscles and an all-over body transformation by combining cardio, strength, flexibility and balance into a single workout. A challenging exercise that requires commitment and focus, in just a few classes clients begin to feel and see the positive effects of Lagree on their bodies and minds.

The Benefits

There are so many benefits to Lagree, from toning your entire body to re-energizing your soul, which is why pro athletes and celebrities alike rave about the method.


High-intensity, low-impact, it won’t compromise joints & tissues.


Efficient 45-minute workout creates noticeable results in just a few workouts.

Total Workout

Combines all the important components of physical fitness into one workout: cardio, strength, endurance, balance and flexibility.

Lean Body

Strengthens and tones muscles while keeping heart rate high, rapidly burning body fat.


Focused workouts stimulate a mind-body awareness that develops a deeper connection.


Adaptable to everyone at all fitness levels, ages and abilities.

New Energy

Feel physically and mentally powerful, invigorated and inspired after every class.

Why It Works

(the science)

Most workouts target a certain type of exercise such as cardio, strength or flexibility. Over time, the repetitive motions of a workout such as weightlifting or the elliptical begin to wear the body’s joints and tissues. Lagree is high-intensity, raising your heart rate like a cardio workout; and it is low-impact, lengthening and strengthening long, lean muscles without compromising the body over time. A truly limitless fitness method, clients are obsessed with Lagree because it offers an extensive variety of movements for all muscle groups while providing a diversity of motions to target every muscle in different ways.


Targeted intervals keep muscles working and maintain a raised heart rate for the duration of the workout.


Lagree develops strong, lean muscles using spring-loaded resistance.


There’s a reason we say Embrace The Shake. Lagree challenges each muscle, rapidly improving strength and endurance.


A workout that raises your heart rate more than most cardio-intensive exercises, Lagree promotes lean muscle development and the reduction of body fat.


Not only strengthening your muscles, Lagree lengthens your muscles with long, focused extensions that increase flexibility.


Lagree is a core-intensive workout that stabilizes from the center in every movement.


A workout that requires incredible focus and body awareness, Lagree’s positive
effects transform your body and your mind.


Lagree213 is outfitted with the innovative Megaformer M3, created by the founder of the revolutionary method, Sebastian Lagree.



The core of the machine, the springs create the resistance that builds muscle and strength overtime.



Target very specific muscles by holding on and honing into your body.



The stabilized ground in which the carriage moves forwards and backwards throughout the workout.



The moving foundation allows for endless hand and foot placements to diversify the workout and dial-up the intensity.

Core Moves

A few of the core moves in the Lagree method, this is a sampling of some of the intensive exercises you’ll experience in class. With the Megaformer, there are endless ways to work deep into each muscle group so no two classes will ever feel the same.

Strong Core


Forearms are placed on the front platform and knees are placed below the hips. Fire up the core by pushing the carriage towards and away from the arms in slow, steady motions. Hips remain parallel to shoulders.

Plank to Pike
Plank to Pike

Hands are placed on the front platform and feet are placed on the carriage until the body is positioned in a plank, with hips and shoulders aligned. Slowly pull the feet towards the hands, raising hips into a pike position and then extend the feet backward into a plank.

Lean Legs

Elevator Lunge
Elevator Lunge

One foot is placed on the stable platform and the other foot is on the carriage. With feet planted firmly, pull legs together into a straight-leg position, and then apart into deep front and back lunges.

Standing Inner Thighs
Standing Inner Thighs

One foot is placed on the platform, the other is placed on the carriage. With both feet facing outward, use the strength of the inner thighs to pull the legs together and then push them apart. Repeat slowly to target these hard-to-reach muscles.

Toned Arms

Serve the Platter
Serve the Platter

Arms are placed in the long cables. Lift hands up and away from the chest working against the resistance of the carriage, and slowly bring them back. This exercise taps into the small and large muscles of the core and shoulders.

Kneeling Bicep Curl
Kneeling Bicep Curl

Knees are positioned on the carriage. Elbows are bent and snug next to the ribcage. Working against the resistance of the carriage, hands curl up towards the chest then return to a 90-degree angle.

See what one Lagree class can do for your strength, stamina and mindset.

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