About Lagree213

At Lagree213 we’re here to guide you on your fitness journey with the life-changing Lagree method. Sweat. Shake. Strengthen. Transform. Every class. Every time.

Our Story

Formerly Pilates Plus DTLA, the studio has been at the heart of the Downtown Los Angeles fitness community since 2008. With a reputation for a high-intensity, low-impact workout that leaves you shaking, burning and feeling stronger than ever, our studio is designed to inspire and rejuvenate like the transformative workout we offer.

In 2019, Co-owners Ben and Lisa acquired the studio with the vision of infusing the brand with energy and vibrancy. With a new location in DTLA’s Historic Core, Lagree213 provides the same transformative workout it’s always been known for with a team of certified Lagree trainers, in a bright, modern and inspirational space.

Rooted in commitment to the method, passion for the process and results that transform your body and mind, Lagree213 is Downtown LA’s studio for the ultimate workout.

A Timeline of Lagree in Downtown LA

Pilates Plus DTLA opens at the Eastern Columbia building on Broadway in the heart of the Historic Core
Pilates Plus DTLA relocates to California Market Center in the Fashion District at 9th & Main St.
Pilates Plus DTLA’s Founders Joy & Judy bid farewell as Ben & Lisa proudly acquire the studio
A new look, feel and name, Lagree213 debuts back in the Historic Core at 835 S. Hill St.
Expansion: Lagree213 in the Arts District, located at One Santa Fe.
Expansion: Lagree213 in South Park, featuring the EVO 2.
Sweat. Shake. Strengthen. Transform. See What Lagree213 can do for your body.
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The Method

Famed by celebrities and trainers, there is truly no other workout in the world as powerful and effective as Lagree. In just 45 minutes, every muscle in your body will be challenged and strengthened to create long, lean lines and increased endurance. Combining cardio, strength, flexibility and balance, Lagree brings together the essential components of an effective workout to create noticeable transformations in the body in just a few classes.

Why Lagree

It's not Pilates,
It's Lagree

Lagree continues to be one of the most popular and growing workouts because its proven method is not only effective for strengthening and toning muscles, but its approach to careful movements offers results without compromising the body.

Consistent challenge
for real results

The method and our trainers encourage you to push past your comfort level to where you are truly challenged. By moving at the signature slow Lagree pace or extending the length of a set, muscles are challenged to the point of fatigue to create real results quickly, both mindfully and efficiently.

Steady speed &
controlled movements

Rather than speeding through each movement, in Lagree each motion is slow and controlled. This fires up your metabolism as you work deep into muscles and also prevents injury by using strength instead of momentum to move through the workout.


In a Lagree class, expect to focus on a very specific muscle for anywhere from one to five minutes! This demand strengthens muscles groups faster than the short sets found in other workouts, and creates noticeable results faster.

Emphasis on

Lagree uniquely combines strength training and cardio with balance to create an all-over toned physique. This approach prevents the injuries that come from overdeveloped muscles without the body’s ability to balance, and over time can heal old pain points and strains.

A complete body &
mind workout

Lagree targets specific areas of the body that tone deep into muscles, which requires intense focus and a mind-body connection. This awareness builds the relationship between the two, and increases capabilities and results when they are working together both in and out of class.

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Passionate about the mental and physical benefits of the method and the transformation that comes from a dedicated practice, Co-owners Ben and Lisa have championed Lagree for years as the most powerful workout available. After all, it changed their bodies, their lives and also brought them together.

Lisa, a certified fitness instructor aficionado who began teaching Lagree after noticing how it transformed her, is in love with the physical and mental benefits the workout provides. A natural motivator, she helps her clients work deep into their bodies and minds to reach the goals they desire. Ben, a  committed student of the method as well, doubled-down when he saw his own strength and endurance building rapidly.

Ben and Lisa’s profound body transformations and passion for a fitness routine that could improve the lives of anyone willing to commit 45-minutes a few days a week inspired them to bring the method to others. A studio of Lagree-obsessed, energetic and motivational trainers, Lagree213 embodies Ben and Lisa’s dedication to the life-changing method.

Meet the Lagree213 Family
Our Team

Lisa G.

Head Trainer & Co-Owner

Lisa has been practicing and teaching fitness for years alongside studying nutrition and herbology. Her road to a holistic and healthy lifestyle began in 1998 when she took her first spin class. Three months and forty pounds later, the bike had sparked a passion in Lisa for staying fit and eating well.

Ever since, activity and health have become deeply ingrained in Lisa. She studies nutrition, hikes, runs and circuit trains regularly. A dedicated yoga and spin practice, paired with consistent Lagree, has given her an incredible mixture of body awareness as well as mental and physical strength. A natural energizer and inspirer, Lisa takes this internal passion and applies it to everyone she works with.

When she sees her clients thriving and transforming — while building the abs and booty of their dreams — her heart is full. High-energy, upbeat and designed to motivate, Lisa is a positive fitness trainer who values true connection with her clients. As challenging as she is inspiring as a trainer, Lisa is both a Level 2 Lagree and Mad Dogg Spinning Instructor, and is trained in TRX.

Ben Bass


Ben’s passion for Lagree began when he was looking to add strength-building to his cycling regiment, but soon found that Lagree was not only the challenge he was looking for but also produced major results.

Born and raised in Southern California, fitness and the outdoors have been a lifelong pursuit for Ben. An entrepreneur with over 30 years experience building successful fitness and sporting goods businesses, when an opportunity arose to acquire a Lagree studio, his passion for the method and natural entrepreneurial spirit stepped in.

Ben’s vision for Lagree213 is to provide best-in-class trainers, studios and equipment to create an environment for clients to thrive on their health and wellness journeys. Preferring a challenge, you can usually find Ben immersing himself in the Lagree community and shaking his way through class, and passionately building Lagree213 in Downtown LA and beyond.