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We believe in a workout that challenges, in a space that energizes, with trainers who love what they do.

Policies & Procedures


Be on time! 
Late arrivals are not permitted. We firmly adhere to a zero late admittance policy for first time clients, and a 5-minute grace period for returning clients. Doors will be locked precisely 5 minutes after the start of class. If you are late, you will lose the class. We suggest arriving 5-10 minutes early to get settled and for first time client to receive an intro from the trainer.

Socks are your friend! 
Grip Socks are required for in all classes for the safety of our clients and our team. If you arrive to class without grip socks, we have options available for purchase at the studio ranging from $12-$18.

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All sales are final. All class packages are non-transferable, non-exchangeable, and cannot be prorated.


While we will do our best to communicate changes to our schedule, please note that our schedule and trainers are subject to change without notice.


All reservations must be made through our online reservation platform.


Please be aware we have a 12-hour cancellation policy for all classes, packages, and memberships. Cancellations MUST be made ONLINE / in our APP. Late Cancels and No-Shows are subject to the following fees, there are no exceptions:


  • If you late cancel: You will be charged $15. You keep your class.
  • If you no show: You lose your class.
  • If you arrive LATE or at the wrong location: You lose your class. (You may contact us to request to keep your class for another time and incur a $15 late cancel change fee instead. Requests MUST be made within 24-hours of the missed class start time in order to be accommodated)


  • If you late cancel : You will be charged $15. You keep your class.
  • If you no show: You will be charged $25 AND lose your class.
  • If you arrive LATE or at the wrong location: You will be charged $15. You keep your class.


  • If you late cancel or no show: You will be charged the full cost of your private session AND lose your private session.
  • If you arrive LATE or at the wrong location: You will be charged the full cost of your private session AND lose your private session.

All  attendance/no show charge disputes MUST be made within 24 hours of the missed class start time to be considered. Please opt-in to receive our notifications and emails; our system sends an automated alerts about class times, missed classes, waitlist updates to assist you. We are not responsible for unreceived or unread alerts.


Hold Fee

A membership hold fee of $25 will be charged on any monthly Membership placed on hold. Memberships can be placed on hold for a maximum of three months. Please email us to request a hold: The $25 contract hold fee will be waived if a doctor’s note is provided.

Insufficient Funds Fee

If the bank processor and/or Lagree213 are unable to collect their fees because of insufficient funds, an NSF fee of $35 will be charged for each unsuccessful attempt.

Declined Charges Fee

A $35 fee will apply for all late-cancel & no-show fees that are declined. If the charge is declined due to the card having recently expired, the fee will be waived IF the payment method is updated within 24 hours.

Refund Processing Fee

ALL purchases are non-refundable, paid in advance of service. A refund processing fee of $25 will be charged on any disputed charges.

Auto-Pay Cancellation

To cancel auto-pay after your minimum commitment, you must notify us via email at least 30 days prior to your last desired billing cycle payment. For example, if your auto-pay billing cycle is the 1st of the month,  email us no later than November 1st in order for December 1st to be your last payment. Please email

Early Termination Fee

Monthly renewing clients may cancel memberships by emailing the studio 30 days prior to your last desired billing cycle payment. There are no refunds for membership fees and Lagree213 will not prorate a cancelled membership. A $249 early termination fee for monthly contract memberships will be charged on any cancelled membership prior to completing the original term of the agreement.

Lagree213 may alter its location, operating hours, type and quantity of equipment, and type and frequency of its classes from time to time in its sole discretion. Lagree Fitness training is an evolving science. Thus, Lagree213 reserves the right to change its routines, classes, and equipment to accommodate such evolution.

All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

All efforts are made to keep our pricing and special promotions information up to date and accurate. Please contact us to confirm pricing and available membership options.


If you are on the waitlist and a spot opens, you will automatically be added to that class (12 hours or more before start time). Please log in and check your schedule to make sure you are enrolled — do not rely on text or email notifications, you are responsible for monitoring your status.

The waitlist closes 12 hours prior to the start of the class. If a spot opens less than 12 hours before class, you will not get in via the waitlist, but you may check app or website and reserve if a spot opens up.

If you Reserve/Wait-list yourself for more than one class in a day, or more than is ultimately allowed by your current package, you are responsible for the purchase of and/or any cancellation penalties for all classes that you reserve and get bumped into from the waitlist.


All Clients MUST have a profile photo on file in order to take class.

Our concierge will take your photo or, you may email one within 24 hours of being asked to take one (

Your photo will not be shared publicly. Each client is required to have their own account with a photo & signed release form on file.

Be advised: Using multiple accounts at our studio is highly prohibited. This may result in the revoking of your membership privileges.

Children, Pets, Other guests

While we love children and our furry friends, pets, children, and other guests are not allowed to accompany you to class.


Lagree213 has a zero tolerance policy for abusive behavior, discriminatory language, and general mistreatment of our trainers and team members. All purchases are subject to our policies and procedures. Lagree213 reserves the right to refuse service and/or membership to anyone.