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we believe every class should be powerful, challenging and inspiring. An all-over body workout, all our classes are 45 minutes and guaranteed to tone and strengthen.

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Our Open-air Class

A breezy take on a Lagree213 classic, MegaFresh brings our most popular MegaBurn class outdoors where we’ve created a spacious environment to provide the same Lagree213 experience in the open air. A 45-minute powerful workout, MegaFresh targets every part of your body resulting in a lean and toned physique. Performed on the famous Megaformers, our trainers will challenge you as you flow from one move to the next, mixing cardio and strength-training to raise your heartrate and work out every muscle. Always low-impact and focused on improving endurance, this is the perfect class for all fitness levels.

Please note we created the MegaFresh open-air class to take extra precautions and accommodate for social distancing. This is a temporary offering.

Coming Soon to Our Indoor Studio


Our Signature High-intensity & Low-impact Class

MegaBurn is our 45-minute signature Megaformer class that targets every part of your body. This low-impact workout combines cardio and strength training to improve endurance, flexibility and your overall strength. Our trainers will have you flowing seamlessly from one move to the next, targeting every muscle in your body and keeping your heart rate high. The perfect class for all fitness levels, MegaBurn will leave you sweating, shaking and stronger than before. It’s time to transform!

Mega Abs & Stretch

Strengthen & Restore After a Long Week

Drop into our Mega Abs & Stretch class to strengthen and restore your body, and improve mobility. Combining our signature ab movements with this 45-minute high-intensity and low-impact workout, we’ll spend the first half sweating and strengthening, and the last half recovering. We’ll slow down the pace and focus on lengthening out and loosening up tight and constricted muscles, holding deep hip-opening stretches, and improving all-around range of motion. This is the perfect class for anyone seeking a challenging workout that ends in total zen.


Our most intense lagree class

MegaExtreme takes our signature 45-minute MegaBurn class to the next level — and beyond. Designed for clients who attend Lagree classes consistently, MegaExtreme is an ultra- (and we mean ultra!) challenging, super-heightened Lagree experience. Expect to double-down on cardio, strength-training and possibly your springs, while moving seamlessly and without pause from one movement to the next. In every Lagree213 class, you’ll sweat and shake. In MegaExtreme, you’ll be drenched and every muscle in your body will be pushed well past the point of fatigue. Come to our extremely high-intensity yet still low-impact class to step up your Lagree workout or to see just how strong you are. You’ll leave feeling more powerful than ever.

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Pricing & Packages

Ready to Embrace The Shake? Join us for a group or private class and get ready to transform.

Group Class Pricing

Single Class & Class Packages (outdoor studio only)

1 Class - $25
5 Class Package - $100
10 Class Package - $180

privates (outdoor studio only)

1 Class - $79
5 Class Package - $350
10 Class Package - $650

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All sales are final. All class packages are non-transferable, non-exchangeable, and cannot be prorated.


While we will do our best to communicate changes to our schedule, please note that our schedule and trainers are subject to change without notice.


All reservations must be made through our online reservation platform.

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